About Ray

know. like. trust.

My Grandad always told me to do the best day’s work I could. I loved my Grandad, but you didn’t mess with him: you listened. And you did what he said. So that’s what I do. Every day.

I’m a self-confessed colour nerd who likes nothing better than rolling up my sleeves with a new product, to see if it really does do what it says on the tin. Paint’s amazing stuff – I love it!

I think a lot about light and the way it works with colour, and the way humans relate to it. I’ve been doing that for pretty much 40 years. So when we talk about your space, you’re talking to someone who knows exactly what certain colours will do in certain lights. You know we won’t be spending money on things that’ll just end up looking wrong.

Whether you’re a landlord with a property portfolio, someone with your first business premises, or a homeowner, my approach is the same: preparation, preparation, preparation; and a high-end finish. Everything sparkles when I’m done with it.

What we stand by

honest. reliable. quality.

It’s about pride in our work. About doing the best day’s work we can. About getting it just right.

Because we know that’s what you need. So that’s what we do.
We can’t help ourselves.

No cutting corners. No bodging.

Because it’s never just paint – not to me, and certainly not to you: it’s ALWAYS personal.

So give me a bell on 07931 525235 and let’s have a chat and a brew.

It's not just the quality of work, it's the standard of service from enquiry to completion. And the upmost respect fro your home!

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